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Trilobite Parado Mens Monolayer / CE AAA Jeans

Trilobite Parado Mens Monolayer / CE AAA Jeans

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The iconic TRILOBITE® motorcycle jeans brand, the classic and universally loved Parado jeans have a new addition to the family. The new revolutionary TRILOBITE® Parado Monolayer motorcycle jeans, certified to AAA level, provide the ideal combination of comfort and protection. They are lightweight, breathable and have large ventilation pockets. This makes them perfect for riding on warm summer days. You won't find a separate aramid layer on them like their double-layered counterparts. In this case, the aramid is directly part of the knit along with other synthetic polymer fibers. This technological innovation, the TRI-STRETCHER® 5.0 denim look, has a unique design and construction developed in the TRILOBITE® workshop. It will guarantee you the highest level of comfort and safety available.

Thanks to the newly developed TRI-STRETCHER® 5.0 fabric, which offers the highest possible fall protection and abrasion resistance in a single layer, you can enjoy the motorcycle riding experience without compromise. Until recently, only leather suits, which are highly uncomfortable for city riding, could achieve the highest level of AAA certification.But things are different today. We'll show you that it can be done better. Lightweight, breathable and well-fitting, the Parado jeans will impress you on your first ride. Once you try them on, you won't want it any other way.

TRILOBITE® Parado Monolayer are equipped with CE level 2 protectors with adjustable height. You can therefore "tune" your jeans directly to your body.

TRI-STRETCHER® PRO 5.0 Denim is a blend of nylon-based synthetic polymer fibers and aromatic polyamides (aramid) with a denim look. This fabric is unique with its amazing strength and at the same time low weight. TRI-STRETCHER® PRO 5.0 Denim is a clever "team" of different fibers woven together to protect you in the event of an accident with the same performance as a leather suit, but without sacrificing comfort. This is a modern fabric that is the future of motorcycle riding.

- made of TRI-STRETCHER® PRO 5.0 Denim
- CE level 2 protectors on hips and knees
- 2 front pockets
- 2 back pockets
- 1 coin pocket
- Stretch panels in knees, back waist and crotch
- adjustable height of knee protectors
- double belt loops in front
- raised waist belt at the back
- thighs air vent pockets
- breathable stretch crotch panel
- triple stitching for increased safety
- slim fit cut
- available for men and women
- available in blue and black colour
- waterproof bag included in packaging
- 5 years warranty
- ​CE Certified garment according to EN 17092-2:2020, level AAA

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