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Shoei Cw-1/Cns-1/Cwr-1/Cns-3 Pinlock

Shoei Cw-1/Cns-1/Cwr-1/Cns-3 Pinlock

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DKS 301 Pinlock EVO Anti-fog insert, Clear for Shoei CWR-1/CNS-1/CW-1/CNS-3 shields. Made with a moisture absorbing plastic and creates a dual pane on your shield.

Pinlock Features:

  • Pinlock Shield sold separately

  • With ProSeal

  • Airtight chamber

  • Interchangeable

  • Easily cleaned

  • Fits Shoei Pinlock CWR-1/CNS-1/CW-1/CNS-3 Shields


  • GT-Air II Helmets

  • GT-Air Helmets

  • Neotec/II Helmets

  • Qwest Helmets

  • RF-1100 Helmets

  • RF-1200 Helmets

  • RF-SR Helmets

  • X-Twelve Helmets

NOTE: This will also fit the X-Fourteen Helmet if the tear off shield has been replaced with the non-tear off CWR-1 shield.

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