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Quad Lock iPhone 11 Case

Quad Lock iPhone 11 Case

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Quad Lock iPhone 11 Case

The Quad Lock iPhone case is designed to securely mount your phone to your motorcycle with confidence and convenience. It offers compatibility with Quad Lock handlebar, mirror, and fork stem mounts, making it suitable for various applications. Attaching and detaching your phone from the mount is simple, thanks to the easy twist and lock motion provided by the patented dual-stage lock mechanism. This ensures that your phone remains secure during your ride, whether you're traveling on country roads or tackling rough terrain.

For added stability, an optional Vibration Dampener is available, which reduces over 90% of high-frequency vibrations typically produced by motorcycles. Constructed with a durable polycarbonate core and a TPU edge-to-edge outer shell that absorbs impact, the Quad Lock iPhone case offers a slim profile while providing reliable protection for your phone during everyday activities. For additional defense against rain, mud, extreme weather, and impact, the Quad Lock Poncho slip cover (sold separately) can be added for weather resistance.

The Quad Lock iPhone case is highly versatile, with a wide range of compatible mounts and accessories. It seamlessly fits into your lifestyle both on and off the bike, allowing you to make the most of its convenience and functionality.


  • Composite TPU/polycarbonate construction
  • Slim profile and soft-touch material
  • Impact absorbing shell
  • Microfiber lining (excluding iPhone 5/5s/SE cases)
  • Secure interface and dual stage locking mechanism
  • Easy attachment/detachment from mount
  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • Fits handlebar, mirror and fork stem mounts for a wide variety of applications
  • Compatible with a variety of Quad Lock accessories to fit your lifestyle
  • Optional weather-resistant Quad Lock Poncho slip cover provides additional protection (sold separately)
  • Optional Quad Lock Vibration Dampener provides additional stability (sold separately)

Note: Includes iPhone case only, mount and accessories sold separately.

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