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Quad Lock Car Vent Mount

Quad Lock Car Vent Mount

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The clever hook design firmly holds the mount to a variety of car vents, while still allowing you to operate the open and close function.

Please note: The Vent Mount is not compatible with 360 degree gimbal vents.


The hook extends between 10mm to 32mm to allow for installation in a variety of blade widths.


With four possible placement positions for the mount head and an adjustable ball joint for finer adjustments, you'll always find the perfect position for your phone.



Upgrade your mount with one of our two Quad Lock MAG™ Heads and make mounting your phone even easier.

Add the Quad Lock MAG™ Wireless Charging Head or Quad Lock® Wireless Charging Head and always keep your phone battery in the green, no matter the adventure.

Quad Lock MAG™ Heads require use of a Quad Lock MAG™ Case or MAG Universal Adaptor.



Wireless Charging Heads purchased before July 2022 not compatible with Adhesive Dash/Console Mount and Vent Mount.


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