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Klim Ai-1 Airbag Vest

Klim Ai-1 Airbag Vest

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Klim Ai-1 Rally Airbag Vest


  • Fully wireless, tether-free autonomous sensor
  • Rider-selectable Street and Adventure (optional, optimized for off-pavement) modes  
  • Designed to protect thorax, abdomen, spine and neck
  • User-replaceable compressed inert gas cartridges (1 cartridge included)
  • 3 deployments before vest requires technical evaluation
  • Intended to be worn under compatible jackets
  • Moisture-wicking stretch mesh chassis
  • Average weight of 3.8lb (+/- 0.2lb depending on size)


  • Detection and inflation in under 60 milliseconds
  • Registration and support by In&Motion (subscription required)
  • Smartphone app compatible with Android or iOS
  • 25+ hours of continuous battery life
  • 3 hour charge time
  • Wireless firmware updates to In&Box algorithms 
  • LED status indicators on In&Box control unit


  • Integrated D3O CE Level 2 EN1621-2:2014 certified static back protector
  • D3O CP1 vented / split CE Level 1 EN 1621-3:2018 certified chest protectors
  • 5-star SRA rating and certified to CE prEN 17092-6

In&Motion Subscription Service:

  • Purchase your vest from RevZilla
  • Download the “My In&Box” phone app
  • Subscribe to a plan from In&Motion to activate the vest:
  • Choose from $12 per month or $120 per year subscription options, which include an unlimited In&Box warranty, VIP support services and anytime cancellation.
  • Or choose the $399 one-time purchasing option which includes a 2-year warranty and classic support services. The subscription service is provided for life.
  • Additional fee for Adventure algorithm 

Note: Without the subscription service through In&Motion, the airbag system is non-operational. Only for sale within the US. Track mode unavailable in the US. Not intended for MX or hard off-road use. Not compatible with neck braces. 

Built for and proven in the rigors of the famous Dakar Rally, the Ai-1 Rally is the untethered pioneer in airbag vests. Merging real crash data and Ai technology, this vest offers reliable, versatile and self-serviceable airbag protection tailored for the rugged world of offroad adventure riding. Klim and In&Motion's extensive R&D, spanning over twelve million offroad miles and dissecting 700+ real-world deployments, birthed the top-tier Klim Ai-1 Rally Airbag Vest, making it a formidable force in the realm of moto-airbag innovation.

ADVanced Safety

Crafted with a compact, rider-focused design, the Ai-1 Rally stays discreet until the moment of need. It integrates a D3O static CE Level 2 back protector into the vest to house the control unit, replacing traditional back protectors and reducing bulk while also incorporating CE Level-1 chest protectors. The vest proudly carries a 5-star SRA rating, certified to CE prEN 17092-6. The fully self-contained In&Motion airbag removes the necessity for "repacking" post-deployment, requiring only a straightforward replacement of the compressed inert gas cartridge, tested using the included adapter. The Ai-1 Rally can endure up to three separate deployments before Klim recommends an in-house inspection.

Dakar Roots

With the introduction of the optional Adventure Algorithm, Klim set their sights on protecting the world's top Dakar Rally athletes with the Ai-1 platform. In order to achieve this and meet FIM standards, static protection needed to be increased - upgraded from the standard Ai-1, the Rally's CE Level-2 back protector and CE Level-1 chest protectors help to protect you in the event of the likely low speed tip-over off-road, where the Adventure Algorithm wouldn't detect a crash severe enough to deploy the airbag. 

Ride On

Embarking on your next adventure safely has never been easier. The In&Box module features a simple single button control with color coded indicator lights providing a visual status of the vest. The My In&Box app provides heightened insights with a user friendly interface to interact with, seeing real data and selecting your riding mode. With a continuous battery life exceeding 25 hours of riding, you won't have to worry about charging your vest out on the trail. The system also has an automatic standby mode that reduces battery drain when the vest is no longer in motion, meaning you can spend more time enjoying your travels and less time pressing buttons. Once the battery is drained, a 100% charge only takes 3 hours. 

Wherever The Dirt Takes You

The Ai-1 is designed to keep you protected in motorcycling's most unpredictable arena - off road. Crashes - big or small - are part of the adventure riding journey. When choosing protective gear, it's important to bear that in mind. The Ai-1 Rally allows you to ride with the sense of reassurance that an airbag vest brings, seamlessly worn beneath your favorite adventure gear, free from tethers and worry.

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