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Taichi NXL022

    • T.R.A.D. (Taichi Racing Active Design) - 3D pattern of suit design for enhanced mobility and natural motion during typical riding movements

    • Hump for added neck and back protection
    • CE approved body armor in knees and elbows

      • SchoellerⓇ keprotecⓇ front, inside of arms, crotch, and back of legs to accomodate different body shapes/sizes as child grows, and allow for non-restrictive movement

      • Air tech vented leather provides a high level of ventilation

        • Removable inner liner for cleaning

        • Perfect for pocketbike racing, junior motard, and mini-moto! Sizing is done by the child's total height and comes in 3 sizes (120cm, 130cm, 140cm).

        • So, children roughly 3'10" to 4'8" can use these.

        • If your little racer is graduating to junior GP (50-2-strokes, 80's, 125's, etc.) or is approaching the top of the height range, consider the NXL208 Youth Suit model as a good transition into a "real roadracing", full featured suit.

Expandable/Adjustable lower leg and ankle opening to accommodate road racing boots or junior moto/dirt style boots.

Neck hump with air channel

Protector ;Shoulder,Elbow, Knee; Schoeller* Keprotec*

Air tech vented leather Leather flex panel on waist and knees

Removable inner liner

V slider on knees

Wide adjuster on wrist and ankle

Size 120cm-130cm-140cm ;Height;
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