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Taichi NXL075

• Hands down one of the finest off the rack suits produced. PERIOD !!!!

The RS Taichi GP-Max R075 One-Piece Leather Suit is constructed of race quality full grain Japanese leather, Aramide knit, and polyurethane with a silk screen printed design.
•This race suit also features Taichi Impact Protection Sliders (TIPS) on the shoulders, elbows, and knees and T-foam protection on the collar bone, front and side rib, and side hips.
• The comfort features of the NXL075 suit are top-notch, with a vented leather flex panel in four key areas, neoprene cuff, and removable inner liner.

• The GP-Max R075 Leather Suit also showcases Taichi Racing Active Design (T.R.A.D.) with a neck hump and air channels.
• Materials: Race quality full grain Japanese leather Aramide knit Polyurethane Silk screen printed design Performance:
•T-AIR - Taichi Advanced Intake Receiver T.R.A.D. - Taichi Racing Active Design Neck Hump with air channel
• Taichi Knee Slider Comfort panels.
• Air tech vented leather throughout.
• Neoprene on cuff.
• Removable inner liner.
• Vented Leather in the following areas: Waist, Knees ,Elbows and Back of shoulders.
• Protection: Schoeller & Keprotec streych fabrics.
• CE approved protectors in the following areas: Shoulders Elbows & Knees.
• T-Form Protection in the following areas: Collar bone,front and side rib & on the hips.
• Certification: Motorcycle Federation of JAPAN (MFJ ) standards approved.
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