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Arai XD-5 Helmet

Arai XD-5 Helmet

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Arai XD-5 Helmet

PB-CLC2 Shell:

  • Stronger, rounder and smoother shell compared to the previous generation
    • The smooth, round shell design allows the helmet to "glance off" impact energy, helping to prevent that energy from transferring to your head and body before the EPS foam is tasked with absorbing that energy
  • Constructed with a uniformly strong vacuum formed Super Fiber, 30% stronger than traditional fiberglass
  • Widened, more open interior / jaw area for added comfort and easier ingress


  • VAS-A shield system allows for tool-less change and removal
  • Designed to be easily removed for use with goggles
    • Most goggles can clear the shield in the raised position without removal
  • Pinlock ready (Pinlock 120 Lens Included)


  • Redesigned to prevent wind buffeting at highway speeds
  • Easily removeable (1 flat-head screw per side) for improved high-speed stability
  • Adjustable height to fit rider preference


  • Forehead logo vent ducting allows for optimal airflow in any riding position
  • Top vent for improved top-of-the-head cooling in hotter climates or conditions
  • Chin vent with large intake ports, double the size of the XD-4 chin vents
    • Inner chin vent shutter for additional tunability of the chin vent's airflow and direction
  • Rear AR Spoiler draws hot air out of helmet, while reducing turbulence at high speeds
  • Chin, forehead, top and rear spoiler vents are adjustable to your preference or riding style


  • Fully removable/replaceable/washable comfort head liner and cheek pads
  • Constructed of odor resistant materials
  • Removable 5mm foam on left and right for micro fitting, along with adjustable top liner
  • Pull-down air flap under the chin bar reduces wind intrusion and improves ventilation

Communication System Compatibility:

  • Re-sculpted Hyper-Ridge shell design provides a flat surface for communication system mounting
  • Seamless speaker mounting without removing the cheek pad covers
    • Integrated hook & loop panel with a large, deep recess for premium speakers
  • Neck roll wire pocket for optimal wire management and routing


  • DOT and Snell M2020 approved
  • Emergency cheek pad release system

The Arai XD-5 Helmet stands as the pinnacle in the realm of ADV Touring. Engineered with the aim of enhancing the glancing off capability of adventure helmets, Arai has fashioned a sturdier, rounder and smoother shell to effectively disperse impact energy, and improved upon the XD-4 in every way imaginable.

From The Tarmac...

The XD-5 stands as a versatile lid for riders seeking utmost safety and comfort. On the street, its refined shell design, fortified with vacuum formed Super Fiber, ensures robust protection against impacts while minimizing transfer of energy to the head and body in the event of a crash. The redesigned peak deflects wind buffeting at highway speeds, offering stability essential for those long stretches of open road. For improved optical clarity, the VAS-A shield system offers a more optically correct field of view with Pinlock compatibility to help prevent fogging.

...To The Trails

Seamlessly transitioning from the street to the most rugged off-road adventures, the XD-5's visor is easily removed without tools for use with your favorite goggles. For those wanting to ride in their goggles without having to store the face shield, most goggles fit inside of the XD-5's eyeport with the face shield in the raised position. With the fully customizable ventilation scheme, you can go from highway to technical trail comfort without worry.

Breathe Easy

Engineering a lid that can flow enough air over a wide range of speeds isn't an easy task, but Arai was up for the challenge. With a front mouth vent that's over twice the size of the XD-4's, getting enough fresh air to keep you rolling has never been easier. Keeping with the theme of versatility, the front vent is not only externally adjustable, but also has a shutter on the interior that allows you to control the direction of airflow from lower towards your mouth or straight up towards the face shield to keep you fog-free.

Tech Ready

Arai's engineers know how important Bluetooth communication system integration is, incorporating intentional design elements to integrate your favorite comm system with ease. Externally, the XD-5 has a flat mounting area designed to make adhesive mounting strong and simple. On the inside, the speaker area is large and deep enough to fit today's high definition speakers without needing to peel apart the cheek pads to install them. And to manage the spaghetti-bowl of hard-to-manage wires, the neck roll allows for clean wire routing - the whole XD-5 package represents the highest levels of ADV Touring safety, comfort and versatility.

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