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We didn't get to be the #1 motorcycle gear and accessories store in Texas for no reason. We're not a mail order house and truly want you to get gear that fits. We are proud to say we don't sell every item from every company out there. We choose the best values in gear. Our knowledgeable sales staff would be happy to help you, so if you have any questions, let us help you get it right the first time. No restocking fees.  972-243-5995.

Help Wanted!   Position open in our accounting department. Very flexible schedule.  Data entry and management, A/R, Excel.  Our program is InFlow, but QuickBooks or other accounting system experience will work. 30 hours a week or so.   For the right person, it could be more full time if you can multi task and work the showroom floor, too.
Call Audrey.   972-243-5995

Dear Moto Liberty Customer,
     I would like to apologize to all of you.  Our website is very out of date.  Although we are developing a new one, the days of just throwing an e-commerce site up in a few weeks and on a budget are over.  To be competitive it takes big money these days, and I just don't have that.  Working on a shoestring budget has proved to be difficult.  I made the bad call to let this site go non-current, thinking our new site would have been finished long ago.   Although this site is still functional, much listed is not in stock, and more importantly, none of the thousands of new items we have in stock in our store in Dallas are listed.  
    It has occurred to me that this inaccurate representation of our store in Dallas has probably hurt our retail sales, as well as almost demolished on-line sales, of which Moto Liberty was a forerunner, owning this domain since about 1993. However,  Tech wizards we are not.   A great store with a huge inventory of quality gear, and a very knowledgeable sales staff - we are.  If you come visit our store on LBJ & Josey in Dallas, I am quite sure you'll be very happy with the selection of gear we have in stock.
   I hope local riders will come see the store.  We've been called a candy store for motorcyclists.  We've got over 5,000 square feet of nothing but the best motorcycle gear.   We don't sell bikes.  We don't do service.  We don't even sell tires.  We sell riding apparel and accessories to help keep you safe and comfortable. 
   For out of state customers, please pick up the phone and have one of our associates act as your personal shopper.   We've had customers fly across the country just to come shop here, and leave very happy with the service and selection.   But in lieu of that, the phone is the next best option.   Don't let on-line videos tell you every item under the sun is good.  That is not the case.  Even top notch suppliers make mistakes.  If we carry an item, it is here for a reason.   Our sales staff has to look you in the eye when we sell it to you.   We all like to sleep well at night, so we're not going to sell you crap.  It's that simple.  
   So, please bear with us on the Website.   And please, don't be a stranger.  We're the same great store that has been serving motorcyclists since the 1990's.  Thank you for your continued support!   
Audrey  -  Proprietor

  We match Internet pricing 99.9% of the time.  Please don't be afraid to ask us.  The item must be apples to apples.  For example, if a small purple rainsuit is on sale for $25, we may not sell you a large neon at that price.  We are happy to have the opportunity to bid on your business.   Shop local for immediate gratification, best prices and support your community!

Cheap gear is not good.
Good gear is not cheap.
If you buy cheap boots
You will have wet feet.

Visit the store at:
2821 LBJ Freeway, #110, Farmers Branch, TX 75234
NORTH side of LBJ (I-635) just West of Josey Lane.
Best to pull into Cavender's parking lot!
GPS may put you on the wrong side of LBJ... We are on the North side!

click on this link for pics of the GRAND OPENING!

Check Out Pics of Moto Liberty Dallas!!!
No doubt aBOOT It. Mens & Ladies Boots In Stock -ML Dallas
Olympia Is One Of Our Favorite Touring Brands -ML Dallas
Note the Moto Liberty Afghanistan T-shirts!


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