What size helmet do I need?

You need the size that fits your head, but that is hard to do on-line.   We are here to help.   It’s always best to try them on, in person,  with someone knowledgeable to assist, but if you can’t do that, just keep in mind.   Helmets have different shapes.  You need to find the shape of helmet that fits your head.  They don’t run big or small….  They  are uniform, but are shaped differently.    If you measure up to be a medium, but have to wear a large to avoid pressure points, DON’T BUY THAT HELMET.   We can even go the extra mile by sending a pic of your head, and then we can tell you what brands to consider.

RS Taichi sizing is confusing….. what size do I need?

Feel free to call us, but for the most part, on leather jackets and pants, use the Euro size.   On textiles & casual wear, if you normally wear a Large, go up a size to a XL.

Do you ship to USPS?

Yes, we can do that.  Please call to arrange.

Do you accept Paypal?

Yes.   Please call or email to make that happen.

Do you sponsor Roadracers?

Yes.  We support the sport.   Call Audrey at 1-800-214-RACE.   (We’re old fashioned and like to TALK to people!)

Do you price match other on-line retailers?

Yes, 99% of the time we will match any U.S. based website, apples for apples.    In other words, sometimes an item in a black size large, may not be the same price as an XXL purple

How much do I need to spend to get fully kitted out?

As a rule of thumb, 10% of the price of the bike you buy.   This is not exact science, but if you spend 10K on a bike, figure $1,000 for gear to get you on the road.  But always remember, MOST of the time, you get what you pay for in gear.   It’s our job to weed out the products that are not a good value.   Manufacturers have hits and misses.  We want you to avoid the misses!

I’m on a limited budget. Where is best to spend my $’s ?

Here’s some advice.   The old saying goes….. “If you have a $100 head, buy a $100 helmet”.    Audrey’s words of advice:  “If you spend $100 for waterproof boots, you will have wet feet”.   YOU NEED A GOOD HELMET.   YOU NEED LEATHER OVER YOUR ANKLES.   YOU NEED AN ABRASION RESISTANT JACKET.   YOU NEED SOMETHING TO COVER YOUR KNEES OTHER THAN DENIM.   We adhere to the old adage:  “All the gear, all the time”.  But the most important thing to remember when choosing gear is, if you spend too little, and get addicted to the sport, often you’ll be buying new gear in a year.   We’ve heard it so many times…  “I wish I spent the money the first time”.    It’s a fine line….   Let us help!


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