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Scorpion Covert FX The Litas

Scorpion Covert FX The Litas

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The Litas is focused on building local communities of women who share the love for two wheels, welcoming women from all walks of life. We are inclusive and celebrate our differences as we come together over our shared passion for motorcycles. We are here for the free-thinkers, the adventurers, and the women who are unapologetically themselves. We inspire and empower women by showing them they can do whatever they set their mind to, whether that’s riding a motorcycle, or building an empire. We aren’t afraid to go against the grain and shatter stereotypes in the process.

established in 2015 by jessica wise in salt lake city, utah.

Extremely lightweight TCT-Ultra™ Composite shell provides superior strength and impact dispersal properties

CAD-refined aerodynamics result in a streamlined profile and balanced footprint, minimizing both lift and turbulence for a smoother, quieter, and more stable ride

Advanced multi-layer EPS provides superior energy absorption

Equipped with U.S. DOT Certification and the ECE 22.06 Safety standard, which requires a wider range of testing than the previous 22.05 certification

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