Taichi NXT050


Perfect for Mini GP or Pocketbike racing.
Carbon hard knuckle and finger protector with 8mm dual compound foam
Perforated leather used between finger for ventilation
5mm foam padding on wrist for better protection
5mm and 3mm foam padding on palm for better protection
Floating construction for less stress on knuckle
Flex panel for better mobility
Additional leather layer on side of little finger for abrasion resistanceNote: we’ve also had good luck fitting some women with exceptionally small hands into this glove.  If you’ve tried some women’s gloves and still can’t get them small enough, or maybe they fit but are all very minimally protective, this could be a good option for you.  Not that this glove is equal to a full adult-level race glove.  More like a low level adult gauntlet.  But it offers better protection than most any kids gloves and quite a few women’s gloves on the market.  So for the really small hands out there, it might be just the ticket.


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Kids L / Ladies XXS-White, Kids M-White, Kids S-White, Kids L / Ladies XXS-Red, Kids M-Red, Kids S-Red, Kids L / Ladies XXS-Blue, Kids M-Blue, Kids S-Blue


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