GP-EVO NXL109 Tech Air Race Suit Bundle


TAICHI NXL109 Suit / LG Vest



・Optimazed for Alpinestars TECH-AIR® RACE Airbag system – Size LG A* Vest  included
・T.R.A.D.EVO(Taichi Racing Active Design Evolution)
・T foam protection(Collar bone,Front and Side rib,Side hip,Upper arm, Tail born)
・Race quallity full grain Japanese leather
・Equipped CE protector(shoulder,elbow,knee)
・Removable mesh inner liner

TECH-AIR® RACE Airbag system included with the NXL109 Suits

NXL109 is a model that is premised on attaching the Airbag  that is open by Alpinestars built-in sensor. The airbag operates due to the impact, speed, and tilt angle and reduces the impact caused by falls.

TIPS “Taichi Impact Protection Slider”

TAICHI original mold TIPS on elbows, new design of shoulders and knees to reduce the impact of fall down.

CE lv.2 protector

CE lv.2 protectors on shoulders, elbows and knees are standard equipment. It reduces damage caused by falls thanks to high flexibility and impact absorption.

T.R.A.D. EVO.(Taichi Racing Active Design Evolution)

Anatomically 3D pattern for racing suit to support rider’s movement. It improves fitting to your body and realizes comfortable feeling during riding motorcycle.

Excellent fitting for good performance

The presence of flex panel on armpits, elbows, waist and knees helps the rider move and allows safety to follow the movement.

Neck Support

A big neck support on back to reduce damage caused by falls and support a neck, back and back of head.

Removable mesh lining

Mesh lining is removable and washable to keep clean your racing suit.

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