Charke Diem: The Charlie Bravo Story: The Motorcycle Rescue Dog


A story about a dog and her motorcycling adventures!

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The Charlie Bravo Motorcycle Rescue Dog Story is a “dog-ography” if you will, based on the life and times of Charlie Bravo. Poised to light up the hearts of its readers, the blog is a day-to-day account of lessons written from a canine’s perspective.

So who is Charlie Bravo? She’s the gorgeous dog who was starving, whittled away to bones, after having been left by the side of the road in a crate to die. The good news is, she was rescued by two warm-hearted family members out for a simple motorcycle ride that day. Now, she inspires readers around the world with her story of perseverance in spite of warring circumstance.

Breaking down limits, the story of Charlie’s crate has left a lasting mark in more ways than one. Charlie was abandoned in her crate, skin over bones when we found her. To us, that crate is an analogy for every person that lives in a self-imposed prison. That could be a dead-end job, an abusive relationship, chemical or alcohol addiction, or the most confining crate of all, the fear of the unknown. Charlie is beautiful and happy and blossoming today. She reminds us that with a little help, we can do that too.” To write her story, Charlie employs the help of her “Dad”, Bret Winingar.

Now, she travels the backroads on the back of dad’s motorcycle; commenting from a dog’s perspective as only Charlie can, telling her story as the Queen of the Casa del Whackos!

Welcome to that story. Welcome to her mission. There is “No Dog Left Behind” here.