Arai Defiant-x epure pads


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Dial in the perfect fit for your Arai helmet with replacement cheek pads!

Replacement Eco-Pure cheekpad set for DEFIANT-X, with anti-microbial surface material that stays fresher longer and resists attracting and holding dirt. New recess in earpocket allows for easy installaton of speakers.

Key Features:

  • Eco-Pure surface material
  • Sculpted contact surface for improved secure fit and softer feel
  • Noise attenuating foam in ear pocket to reduce noise
  • Recess pocket for easy speaker installation
  • Updated Emergency Cheekpad Removal strap

All cheek pad variants are compatible with all sizes of helmet.

Original Cheek Pad Sizing

  • X-Small: 25mm
  • Small: 25mm
  • Medium: 25mm
  • Large: 20mm
  • X-Large: 20mm
  • XX-Large: 15mm


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