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A&G Knee Pucks



Asphalt & Gas leather knee pucks were designed right from the  start to work better than any other knee pucks available.  They were  made to survive 24hr. endurance races.  A&G leather knee pucks last 5 to 10 times longer than soft plastic pucks, but don’t have the  drawbacks of hard plastic pucks.  they combine long life with a  comfortable, predictable amount of drag that gives you good feel for the tack surface and the best feedback about available traction while  absorbing bumps and hard whacks and eliminating harsh vibration,  distractingly loud scraping noise and uncontrollable slider.

Some talented riders are even able to use the A&G leather knee  pucks to scrub off speed, lighten the front end, tighten their line  through a turn or even save themselves from a crash if they’ve lost the  front end.  They just work great and don’t cost a lot!

Used by Taichi Rider extraordinaire JOSH HAYES

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RED – Standard, BLACK – Standard, BLACK – Endurance, RED – Endurance, Suzuki – Last One, Smiley, White -Skull & Crossbones


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