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Battery Tender Jr.


In Stock at Moto Liberty !!!

Battery Tender Portable Power Pack


In Stock at Moto Liberty !!!

Battery Tender Ring Terminal


Very useful ! !

Allows connections to many chargers and devices.

Battery Tender USB Charger


Bear Minimum Cook Pots


Bear Minimum

The Bear Bowl is the cook pot that folds flat! It comes in three different sizes and has a max capacity of 32oz, 64oz, or 128oz.

It’s lightweight and small and can actually fit in your pocket making the Bear Bowl the perfect cook pot for all your outdoor adventures.

Bottles shown are only a representation of capacityNot Included

BikeMaster 1/2″ Oil Filter Strap Wrench


A great tool to have on hand. With its universal fit and high friction, this wrench will tackle just about any job. It is made from quality materials for years of use.

BikeMaster 1/4″ T-Handle Wrench with Sockets and Swivel

  • Heat-treated Chrome Vanadium Steel
  • Chrome-plated For Durability And Long Life
  • Black Chrome Coating For A Great Look And An Easy Find In The Tool Box
  • T-handle Has Ball Bearing Detent Socket Holders On Each Leg
  • Also Has A 1/4” Drive Swivel For Access To Tight Spaces

BikeMaster 3 Piece scrapper kit


Our scrapers feature a thick blade with a sharp tip and solid handle. It will help you scrape off residue without damaging vulnerable gasket surfaces. It comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

BikeMaster 3-Piece Tire Iron Set

  • Designed to be a superior product
  • I-beam cross section for strength and bend resistance
  • Forged chrome vanadium steel (no stamped sheet metal)

BikeMaster 9-Piece Ball End Hex Wrench Set and Holder


Made from precision drawn chrome vanadium tool steel.

Bikemaster Battery Maintainer 1.5AMP


In Stock at MotoLiberty

BikeMaster Cable Luber


Made of aluminum, this tool is used to inject lubricant into cable housing.

BikeMaster Chain Breaker


When your chain is too long, our Heavy-Duty Chain Breaker and Rivet Tool is what you need.

BikeMaster Chain Breaker 420-525

  • Fits 420-525.
  • Comes with standard 3.5mm super hardened pin.
  • Cut your own chain for the perfect length.

Bikemaster Euro style plug with cigar socket

  • Has a male DIN plug (popular on European motorcycles) to a US female cigarette lighter outlet.
  • Allows you to use your standard US cigarette lighter male plugs on European bikes.
  • Sold individually.

BikeMaster Fuse kit Blade style

  • Convenient organizing tray holds the popular sizes in on place
  • Containing 5 of the standard size blade fuses: 10Amp, 15Amp, 20Amp, 25Amp, and 30Amp
  • Containing 5 of each mini size blade fuses: 5Amp and 10Amp

BikeMaster Gear Leverage Oil Filter Wrench


One of the easiest to use adjustable oil filter wrenches on the market.

BikeMaster Hex Axle Tool


Don’t damage your axle trying to use bolts and a vice grip.

Bikemaster Impact Driver

  • Removable 3/8″ head.
  • Can be used with standard or deep 3/8″ drive sockets or extensions.
  • Two flat and Two Philips bits included.
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

BikeMaster Jet Cleaning tool

  • 13-piece wire set with spiral knurling for cleaning popular size jets and carb
  • body holes/passages
  • A virtual necessity when restoring motorcycles or rebuilding a bike that
  • has been dormant for too long
  • Comes in a cool, compact, aluminum carrying case

Bikemaster Liftstick


Maintain your chain or sprocket, even change your rear tire or wheel while out on the road without the need for a center stand, with the BikeMaster® Liftstick.

Bikemaster Lithium Ion Battery Charger


The perfect companion to keep your Lithium-Ion motorcycle batteries fully charged and ready to ride. Specific designed for charging and maintaining 12 volt LiFePO4 batteries, this fully automatic unit has built-in circuit protection to prevent overcharging, short circuit and, reverse polarity. The Lithium-Ion Motorcycle Battery Charger/Maintainer comes with a five-year warranty

BikeMaster Multi Function Folding tool

  • Compact, rounded and ready to work for you
  • 1/4″ driver with ball detent to secure sockets
  • All in a compact package that fits easily in your fanny pack, backpack or tank bags

BikeMaster Oil Dispenser and Drain Pan


If you change your own oil, these are a must to have.

BikeMaster Palm Rachet Set

  • High Quality, Smooth Action Ratchet Set Comes With 1/4, 3/8 And 1/2” Drives
  • Speeds Up Assembly And Disassembly On Many Projects
  • Knurled No Slip Grip

BikeMaster Quick Wire Stripper

  • Great tool to have when working on any electrical circuits of your motorcycle
  • Easy to use and perfectly strips multiple size wires
  • Clamping jaws have a reference scale for precise length stripping

BikeMaster Screw Driver 14-1


MotoLiberty approved

BikeMaster Steel Tire Iron with Handle

  • Specially designed for everyday use with a comfortable handle
  • Handle has a high grip surface for confident leverage
  • Super smooth chrome end eases beads on and off

Bikemaster Tire Pressure Stick

  • 0-75 psi in 1 lbs. increments
  • Chrome-plated brass body
  • Easy to read

Bikemaster Tire Valve Puller


Insert the wire through the valve hole in the rim