First of all, we’d like to thank all of you that came to our Madness Sale.  Attendance was beyond our expectations, so it was nice to get a boost from y’all and we now know that you haven’t forgotten about us and still enjoy a nice retail shopping experience.

For Black Friday, please keep in mind we will match all US based website pricing.  Our suppliers dictate what price we can advertise products at.  They all have their own deadlines and selection of products.  It’s impossible for a retail store like us to keep up with the regulations on our website.  So next best thing is just to price match –  as we always do!   

But Moto Liberty’s Black Friday sale is even better than what you’ll find on-line.  

From NOW through Saturday, catch HUGE SAVINGS on our CLOSEOUT jackets, helmets, gloves and riding pants.

BUY ONE CLOSEOUT ITEM, get one of lesser value at ½ OFF.

You can get a good idea of some of the items by looking at pictures here:      Here’s some random examples of how much money you can save:

  1. Simpson Outlaw Bandit.  Retail $449.95  now ½ price $224.97.  Pair with Taichi Racer Mesh jacket.  Retail was $219.95.   BF price $84.99.   Retail was: $669.90.  Black Friday price $309.96!   (That’s better than a free jacket with helmet)
  2. Fuel Arizona jacket.   Retail $300.00, sale $199.97.   Pair with Taichi TT Leather Mesh Gloves.  Retail $74.95  BF special $15.00.    Total purchase would have been $384.95.  Black Friday price $214.97!  (Save $169.98)
  3. Alpinestars Levante jacket.  Retail  $249.95, sale $199.97.  Pair with Fuel Sahara pants.  Retail $ 330   BF special $75.00.  Total purchase would have been $579.95.  Black Friday price $274.97. 
  4.  Woman’s Taichi Field Parka.  Retail $249.95, sale $189.97.  Pair with AGV K3 helmet.  Retail $269.95.  BF special $67.48.  Total purchase would have been $519.90.  Black Friday price $257.45.   

So, we’ll match the on-line deals, like Schott will be 15% off, Sidi will be 20% off.  REV’It will be 15% off.   But those deals don’t hold a candle to the deals you can find on our clearance items.  

                       So, come in – try on some gear, and leave with outstanding savings!    Open Friday and Saturday 10:00 to 6:00.